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Breukelen Polished CEO
Ariel Terry, Ceo of Beukelen Polished Nail Polish company. Black and female owned and managed
Ariel Terry is a proud Bedstuy, Brooklyn native & a high school algebra teacher with a love for relaxation. Achieving a moment of peace while beautifying her nails. The Temple University grad enjoys having a splash of color to enhance her outer aesthetic. It isn’t just about the color, getting her nails done provides a sense of joy that she infuses into every bottle of Breukelen Polished.

The colors are strategically made to  appeal to the business woman commanding Wall Street, the earthy chick soaking up the sun in Prospect Park and the quirky female who frequents every local coffee shop.

This is a nail lacquer with a story. Each color’s title is indicative of Brooklyn from “Paid In Full” to the “Bleuprint” – you wear your pride on your nails when wearing Breukelen Polished.

Whether you are from Wisconsin to BK, Breukelen Polished is for the woman who isn’t scared of owning her “dopeness.”