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Essence Magazine

And in the vein of inclusivity and bringing the world together through color, we’ve rounded up ten Black-owned nail polish brands with beautiful pigments to help boost your manicure and mood.


Hello Beautiful

There are so man black-owned nail polish retailers marketing all the colorful goodness that we need on our nails. The amount of effort that goes into assuring that each product is toxic, gluten, vegan, and cruelty-free make these brands a must-have for your Saturday morning mani pedi dates.

Breukelen Polished thinks Cocoa Bread should be your next purchase. No, we’re not talking about carbs, we’re talking about the warm, buttery brown nail lacquer that will look scrumptious on your nails.


…But systemic racism and a culture of white supremacy stand in their way. The revenue gap between businesses owned by Black women and the “average” woman-owned business is wider than any other. And a full 99% of Black women describe themselves as “sidepreneurs,” with their business as part-time rather than full time. (Even though many would prefer to leave the workplace — where Black women are routinely and disproportionately paid less, blocked for promotions, and harassed — behind.)


Breukelen is a luxury vegan nail polish brand straight out of Brooklyn. They cater to the health conscious who isn't afraid to own their dopeness.

The Zoe Report

No matter who you are, Brooklyn-based CEO Ariel Terry believes this nail polish is for you. According to the site, "The colors are strategically made to appeal to the business woman commanding Wall Street, the earthy chick soaking up the sun in Prospect Park and the quirky female who frequents every local coffee shop."