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Non Toxic 11-Free Nail Polish!

Non Toxic 11-Free Nail Polish!

January 1, 2022


Many may ask what does 11-Free really mean? We are sure happy to tell you! All of Breukelen Polished nail polishes are free from the eleven most harmful substances found in most nail polishes.  

Have you given any thought to the toxins you are placing in your body through your nail polish? If not, you will by the end of reading this!

Non Toxic 11 Free Nail Polish


  • Formaldehyde is known as a chemical used to preserve dead animals and humans. It is a carcinogen that is linked to causing cancer. It can also cause skin, eye and throat irritation.

  • DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) is mostly used as a plasticizer and is known as an endocrine disruptor. This can cancerous tumors, birth defects and developmental disorders.

  • Toluene is commonly found in gasoline and is a toxic chemical found in solvents, paints and primers. Can cause headaches dizziness and fatigue.

  • Formaldehyde Resin is a derivative of formaldehyde which is usually found in paints and varnishes.

  • Camphor can cause seizures and even disorientation. Camphor is also used to preserve dead items and is found in fireworks. This can cause yellow staining in your nails.

  • Ethyl Tosylamide is a low toxicity chemical that is primarily used as a plasticizer. It helps adhere the nail polish to the nail plate, however it can cause skin irritation.

  • Parabens are chemicals used in many cosmetic product to preserve the product. Paragons are linked to disturbing hormone function which has been linked to the risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. Studies are still taking place by the FDA to link paragons to an actual case of breast cancer of cancer in general.

  • Acetone is a highly flammable chemical once exposed to the air even once it has dried. Overexposure to acetone can cause headaches, stirred speech, lethargy. Sever symptoms can even cause low blood glucose levels.

  • Xylene can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory track. It can cause systemic toxicity through inhalation of digestion.

  • Wheat can harm those who have sensitivity to wheat or gluten.

  • Animal by products are often used to create beautiful sparkles but they can cause harm to our environment. Some nail polishes are made with crushed beetles or fish scales.

Sometimes it is totally worth it to know more about the products your are putting into your body to live a longer healthier life! 



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