Meet Collette! She is a qualified nail tech living in London UK. She values caring for nails as she believes it is the foundation for a beautiful manicure. She loves for her nails to make a statement and make her feel empowered.


Meet Donette! She is a green beauty blogger residing in Kansas. She loves everything about Green Beauty and Black business. She has recently started a nail journey of growing and maintaining healthy nails.


Meet Betty! She is a Brooklyn native and loves everything about nails! Betty is a hand model who loves a personal connection with the brands that she wears. She loves Breukelen Polished because she has tons of Brooklyn pride.


Meet Briy! Briy is a Brooklyn based model who feels connected to Breukelen Polished through it’s creative names. She values taking care of your health and looking good while doing so. Her personal favorite color from Breukelen Polished is ‘The Bois’